International Conference on the Shroud of Turin (ICST-2017)

Seeking Solutions to the Mysteries of the Shroud

We are pleased to announce that an international conference on the Shroud of Turin will be held July 19 to 22 of 2017. It will be held in Tri-Cities in Washington state (not Washington D. C.), USA. The Tri-Cites consists of the communities of Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco and is located in the South-Eastern part of the state of Washington. Richland is one of the premier research centers in the United States. Holding the conference in Tri-Cities will assist in locating additional personnel for research on the Shroud, since Richland has one of the highest ratios of PhDs per capita of anywhere in the country due to the many research laboratories in the area. The conference will be held at the large TRAC center in Pasco in Washington state, USA.

The conference will be Wednesday evening (July 19) from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm and all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (July 20 to 22 of 2017) from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm each day. It will be held in the large TRAC center at 6600 Burden Blvd in Pasco ( in Washington state (not Washington D.C.). The last conference on the Shroud in the United States was held in St. Louis in October of 2014, and had about 164 attendees. About 40 papers were presented in St. Louis on various topics related to the Shroud.

This conference consists of presentations on historical and scientific research on the Shroud of Turin. Since the Shroud of Turin is only exhibited in the cathedral in Turin, Italy, it will not be at the conference but a full-size replica of the Shroud will be present. As currently planned, there will be 31 Shroud researchers giving 50 presentations on their latest research and on summaries of the evidence related to the Shroud. A variety of topics will be covered in these papers including history, science, dating, and image formation. We hope to have the very best in research papers for these presentations. Though some of the presentations may be technical in nature, the presenters will try to be understandable to the layman. We will also try to allow sufficient time for questions and panel discussions to facilitate research and analyses regarding a variety of issues. The Wednesday evening session will be open free to the public. This session will include Robert Siefker speaking on an "Overview to the Shroud" and Russ Breault speaking on "CSI Jerusalem - The Case of the Missing Body".​ Mark Antonacci and Russ Breault will bring their replicas of the Shroud, including Russ’s full size replica of the Shroud.

The Wednesday evening program (6:30 pm to 9:30 pm on July 19) is free. Registration for the remainder of the conference (all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 7:45 am to 9:30 pm, July 20 to 22) is $165 including lunch and dinner catered into the conference for these three days. Registration for July 20 to 22 without meals is $65. It is best to register for the conference with meals so that you can talk to the presenters and others during lunch and dinner and so that you will not miss any of the presentations. Paying for meals also helps to pay for rental of the room at the TRAC Center.

The Tri-Cities area (Richland, Kennewick and Pasco) has a current population of about 260,000. Flights into Tri-Cities for the conference should be arranged to land at the airport in Pasco, Washington state (not Washington D. C.), which is designated as “PSC” on flight information internet sites. There are direct flights to the airport in Pasco (PSC) from Salt Lake City (SLC), Seattle (SEA), Portland (PDX), Denver (DEN), San Francisco (SFO), and Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MFP), so that a flight into Tri-Cities for the conference can usually be made from most cities in the United States with only one stop. There will be a shuttle bus from the airport to the closest hotels to the conference (Holiday Inn Express or Hampton Inn) so that it will not be necessary to rent a car for transportation if you stay at either of these two hotels.

​ The closest hotels to the TRAC center in Pasco, Washington state, are the Holiday Inn Express and the Hampton Inn. There are many other hotels in Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco in the state of Washington. Click on the following button for more information.

The conference is being sponsored by Mark Antonacci’s Test the Shroud Foundation in St. Louis, Missouri. Members of the organizing committee and the scientific review committee are available by clicking on the button below. ​

We would like to invite you to come to this conference to learn about the Shroud of Turin.

Please register for the conference at REGISTRATION AND COST.

Additional information is available at GENERAL INFORMATION.​

Inquiries can be emailed to or call Bob Rucker directly at 509-375-4770 in the USA.​


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The TRAC Center in Pasco, Washington state, is shown here. The Holiday Inn Express next to the TRAC Center is on the right.

The Holiday Inn Express in Pasco, Washington state, is shown here. The TRAC Center is on the left.

The Hampton Inn in Pasco, Washington state, is shown here with the TRAC Center in the background to the right.

​All photographs of the Shroud and the research on the Shroud are courtesy of Barrie Schwortz at .