Presentations on the Shroud of Turin

    The purpose of this website is to promote the better understanding of the Shroud of Turin through research and communication related to the Shroud. An important part of this effort is PowerPoint presentations on the Shroud of Turin to churches, clubs, or other types of groups. If you would like to schedule a presentation on the Shroud of Turin to your group, or if you would be willing to help us with finances, publicity, or in other ways at the locations below, please contact Bob Rucker (509-375-4770, or Mark Antonacci (314-704-0537,

    Presentations that are currently scheduled:

    • October 25, Wednesday, University of Minnesota at Minneapolis, Tate Hall, 116 Church Street Se, Minneapolis, MN, 55455, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, 90 minute PowerPoint presentation + 30 minute Q&A, contact Luke Troxel at
    • October 26, Thursday, Seminar on the Shroud of Turin at the Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Theology (ITEST) at the Kenrick–Glennon Seminary auditorium, 5200 Glennon Dr, St. Louis, MO. The seminar will start at 6:00 pm. Bob Rucker will speak from 6:00 to 6:40. Next speakers will be Father John Nickolai of the St. Louis parish and Mark Antonacci of Test the Shroud Foundation in St. Louis. Dr. Art Lind will join them for a panel discussion.
    • Date to be determined, Rehoboth Messianic Congregation at 3504 NE 49th St, Vancouver, WA.

    Previous presentations in 2017:

    • April 1 at the public library in Richland, WA.
    • April 2 at the public library in Kennewick, WA.
    • April 6 to April 14, fourteen venues in Sacramento, San Francisco, and up the coast of CA and OR.
    • May 15 at the public library in Richland, WA.
    • May 19 at the public library in Kennewick, WA.
    • May 26 at Trinity Western University east of Vancouver, Canada.
    • May 27 at the public library in Redmond, WA, east of Seattle.
    • May 28 at the public library in Everett, WA, north of Seattle.
    • August 23 at St. Demiana Coptic Orthodox Church in Bakersfield, CA.
    • September 10, Bethel Community Church in Washougal, WA.
    • September 17, Bethel Community Church in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.
    • September 21, Redeemer University College, Ancaster (about 25 miles south-west of Toronto), Ontario, Canada.
    • September 27, Graciously Broken women's ministry, Longview, Texas.

    The purposes for these presentations are the following:

    • To go to major research centers to locate and motivate highly qualified people to do research on the Shroud.
    • To encourage potential researchers and others to come to conferences on the Shroud of Turin.
    • To go to major population centers to educate people about the Shroud and the need for additional testing.
    • To encourage people to learn about the Shroud so that they can help promote research on the Shroud.
    • To give people an opportunity to donate to the cost of promoting and doing research on the Shroud of Turin. All donations will go to the Test the Shroud Foundation in St. Louis, which is a 501 C(3) non-profit organization, so that donations are deductible from federal taxes.

    The following locations are being considered for later presentations:

    • Spokane, WA
    • Boise, ID
    • Idaho Falls, ID (Idaho National Laboratory) St. Louis, MO
    • Batavia, Illinois (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
    • Lemont, Illinois (Argonne National Laboratory)
    • Chicago, Illinois
    • Oak Ridge, TN (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
    • Huntsville, AL (NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)
    • Memphis, TN
    • Oklahoma City, OK
    • Los Alamos, NM (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
    • Albuquerque, NM (Sandia National Laboratory)
    • Los Cruces, NM
    • Tucson, AR (C14 dating laboratory at the U. of Arizona)
    • Phoenix, AR
    • San Diego, CA (SAIC defense contractor)
    • Pasadena, CA (NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory)