Paper Submission for the Shroud of Turin Conference

The organizing committee requests that the following schedule be followed:

  • Abstract submission by February 28th.
  • Abstract acceptation by March 31th after a referee procedure.
  • Full paper submission by April 30th.
  • Full paper acceptation by May 31th after a referee procedure.
  • Final paper delivery by June 30th.

There will probably be many more papers submitted to the conference than can be given time for presentation. At the Shroud conference in St. Louis in October of 2014, only about half of the abstracts submitted were chosen for presentation. Selection of papers for the Shroud conference in 2017 will be guided by the following priorities:

  1. Top priority is for new research that makes a significant contribution to better understanding the mysteries of the Shroud.
  2. Next priority is for research that perhaps is older but warrants further communication to the Shroud research community.
  3. Next priority is for papers that integrate previous information and research to help those in attendance at the conference to better understand the arguments for and against various positions regarding the Shroud.

Examples of this last category would include the following:

  • Is the Shroud of Turin the same as the Image of Edessa or is it the same as some other cloth?
  • Possible explanations for the gaps in the history of the Shroud.
  • Legitimacy of claims of what can be seen or detected on the Shroud?
  • What are the pros and cons of the various dating techniques that have been applied to the Shroud?
  • What are the pros and cons of the various proposed explanations for the C14 dating to the Middle Ages? Specific papers might consider the pros and cons regarding the invisible reweave hypothesis, the neutron absorption hypothesis, or other hypothesis.
  • What are the pros and cons of the various proposed explanations for the formation of the image, for example by corona discharge, cloth collapse, radiation, etc.?

Papers on the Sudarium of Oviedo will also be considered for the conference, according to the above criteria, because of its apparent relationship to the Shroud of Turin. If you would like to discuss ideas regarding potential papers or other issues, please contact Bob Rucker ( or 509-375-4770 in the US).